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Unlikely Killer by Ricki Thomas

The Blurb

THE 2011 BEST-SELLER “Takes you on a journey into the darkest recesses of the human mind.” “Brilliant, fast paced...a book that gets you hooked from the first page.” Usually a serial killer will have a modus operandi that can lead to their capture. This one is breaking all the rules. It takes a journalist's keen eye to grasp the terrifying truth. This killer is recreating infamous murders from history. Despite researching historical murders in an attempt to catch the killer in the act, the police are repeatedly outwitted. With the Jack the Ripper murders next on the agenda, a bloodbath seems inevitable. With the clock ticking and the killer becoming increasingly frenzied, a detective and criminal psychologist join forces to stop this unlikely killer.

About Ricki Thomas

Ricki Thomas is an author of crime fiction. Her works include Deadly Angels (2015), Rings of Death (2014), Black Park (2013), Bonfire Night (2013), Bloody Mary (2011), Unlikely Killer (2010) and Hope's Vengeance (2009). She has also contributed to various anthologies, including Guilty Parties by members of the Crime Writers Association, published by Severn House (2014), Wild Wolf's Twisted Tails (2013) and the award-winning Holiday of the Dead (2011). She first enjoyed commercial success with Unlikely Killer, which became the 29th best-selling e-book of 2011 worldwide.

Ricki has four children and has travelled extensively, but now enjoys a peaceful life in Yorkshire.

My Review

f you can't remember the last time you had an 'unputdownable' psychological thriller, I strongly suggest you try this one.

This book will not disappoint.

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