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Lazy Blood by Ross Greenwood

The Blurb

Lazy Blood: a powerful page-turning thriller about the choices we make

How far does your loyalty go?

Book description:

Will has drifted through life paying little attention to the decisions he made or the consequences of his action.

From his prison cell he finally understands how his casual descent into serious crime threatens to destroy everything.

Looking back over thirty years Will examines his friendships, the frailty of life and how your world can fall apart in the blink of an eye.

This laugh out loud and harrowing drama follows the story of an average man and explores what goes on behind prisons walls.

Full of very real characters and no nonsense prose this book is not to be missed.

What the reviews say:

"A well written book that makes you stop and think about life and those around you" Misfits Farm

"An emotional story with many ups and downs. A real page turner . I loved it .5 stars from me." An ARC reviewer

"An ending that knocked my socks off." The Book Lover's Boudoir

My Review

Lazy Blood is the story of one British serving prison inmate from childhood, through the years leading up to his sentence, explaining how he came to be there. I felt I had lived his life, with the good times and the bad and there are plenty of laugh out loud moments along the way, along with a good deal of sadness. It was a real page turner for me, and took me just five days to read it. His description of prison life was so vivid, it should have come to know surprise at the back of the book with the author's disclosure that he was indeed himself a prison officer for a number of years. The novel was worthy of five stars because the premise, characterisation, narrative, and pace of the book was spot on. I will certainly be reading the work of Ross Greenwood again.

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