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The Boy Inside by Ross Greenwood

The Blurb

The Boy Inside: a powerful thriller about the choices we make

How can you make the right decisions if everything you’ve been told is a lie?

With absent parents and broken friends, twenty-one year old Ben is making choices, which are ruining his life. In jail, again, he and his cellmate, Jake, take a hostage in a futile gesture against a system they can’t control.

This powerful, beautifully written novel gives a vivid and realistic picture of those we send to prison.

Who would you rely on if you were locked up?

Do we ask the most from the ones who have the least?

Life is never easy when you are a boy inside.

The Boy Inside is a truly harrowing drama with laugh-out-loud moments.. It is loosely connected to Ross Greenwood's debut thriller, Lazy Blood which is also available now.

My Review

The story of Ben is about the hopelessness of boy who has been deprived of good parenting due to his mother's alcohol dependency and has sought solace and support from well-meaning but the wrong individual's that has led him into a life of crime. It's about the knock backs he suffers when he strives to break the cycle of criminality that his life has become embroiled in. A truly heart-rending, powerful story that is brutally realistic both in prison and on the 'out'. I was looking for a book that could really stir me and this was it. It did not disappoint.

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