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Ghost Writer by Netta Newbound

The Blurb

Bestselling thriller author Natalie Cooper has a crippling case of writer’s block. With her deadline looming, she finds the only way she can write is by ditching her laptop and reverting back to pen and paper. But the story which flows from the pen is not just another work of fiction. Unbeknown to her, a gang of powerful and deadly criminals will stop at nothing to prevent the book being written. Will Natalie manage to finish the story and expose the truth before it’s too late? Or could the only final chapter she faces be her own?

My Review

Read this novella in two sittings and short as it is it was quite a bumpy journey for the protagonist Natalie Cooper. She is a best-selling author with writer's block, who through automatic writing or psychography connecting with a departed investigative journalist unfurls a story of abuse and murder that places her and her family in immediate danger. Perfect read for a long train journey or flight. I have enjoyed reading Netta Newbound's full length novels, but this short story certainly packs a mighty punch. A worthy five stars.

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