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The Outlaw's Ransom by Jennifer Ash

The Blurb

A historical novella by Jennifer Ash, set in the lawless English countryside during the 1300s. When craftsman's daughter Mathilda falls foul of the infamous Folville brothers, a local family who run the district as their personal kingdom, her life is in danger...but surely not all the stories about the Folvilles are true...are they?

My Review

A historical novella based on the medieval history of Leicestershire and Derbyshire, within the spirit of Robyn Hode (Robin Hood). Mathilda is taken hostage by the Folville Brothers until her father settles his debt with them. She is used as a messenger to and from the Coterel family in Bakewell, an equally dangerous family. She becomes caught up in a murder mystery, full of intrigue and corruption, leaving the reader unsure who can be trusted. A fascinating journey into the past which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Currently unavailable on Amazon.

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