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Divine Poison by A.B. Morgan

The Blurb

For a community psychiatric nurse, Monica Morris has an unhealthy interest in poison, and when, on impulse, she buys an antique Ship’s Doctor’s Cabinet with a set of leather-bound journals she becomes fascinated by the content.

A few days later, she discovers the body of her patient, Jan Collins, and although police assume suicide by overdose, Monica is not convinced.

When more unexplained deaths involving poisoning occur, Monica realises they are linked and so does DS Adams who is investigating. But how are they connected? And why?

When it becomes obvious that she’s unwittingly stepped into a trap set for someone else, Monica’s career, her own sanity and her life are placed at risk. But where can she turn to for help?

About A.B. Morgan

lison Morgan lives in North Bedfordshire, with her husband and slightly potty dog, their adult children have long since run away in embarrassment, determined to live normal lives (whatever normal is ...) Nurse turned writer, Alison has 30 years of experience in the NHS, mostly spent at the sharp end of mental health nursing where she specialised in psychosis, and pushed herself to achieve a Masters Degree in Advanced Practice. With burnout fast approaching, an unexpected illness challenge forced her to sit down for longer than five minutes. She set about writing a clinical guideline for nurses but became distracted by a story in her head which would not be denied. Could she write a book? She had no idea. She could write academic assignments and a dissertation, so why not? Her debut novel A Justifiable Madness, published by Bloodhound Books, is inspired by her life and career as a psychiatric nurse, and her fascination with the extremes of human behaviour. Her second novel Divine Poison is due for publication in January 2018, and her third novel, The Camera Lies also published by Bloodhound Books, will be available on Amazon in February 2018. She may not be able to climb real mountains anymore but she isn't afraid to stick two fingers up to convention. Growing older and not being as fit as she used to be is no excuse for being dull. Alison is now the proud owner of a full motorcycle licence! Broooooom. Bikes and books. Why not?

My Review

This was slow-going for me, but maybe it was because it gave me a lot to think about. It was good to read from a mental health nurse perspective, and a strong sense of the pressure our nurses are under came through strongly. Also, A.B. Morgan put her characters with mental health problems in a positive light so the reader gained a reasonable understanding of their individual issues. More stories like this please as this can go a long way to alleviate some of the stigma and ignorance around people who suffer from mental health conditions. Our main character is Monica Morris who is a community psychiatric nurse who returns from leave to find her patient Jan Collins dead under suspicious circumstances. She has also successfully bid at auction for an old drugs cabinet complete with journals relating to poison, and there seems to be a link from what she reads in the journals to some of the people around her. Unhappy that the police are not investigating this properly and may be complicit in a cover up, Monica becomes embroiled in her own investigation and imminent danger. This was a compelling read and I am so glad that I chose it.

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