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The Visitor by KL Slater

The Blurb

When Holly moves in to Baker Crescent, a quiet suburban street she causes quite a stir. Beautiful, talented, and friendly, it doesn’t take long for her to charm the other residents. But why has she left the bright lights of the big city behind and settled in with Cora, a lonely old lady who is delighted to offer her visitor a place to stay? The neighbours are fascinated by Holly and watch her from their windows every opportunity they get. Just when Holly has begun to feel at home someone sees something that they shouldn’t – something that’s impossible to ignore. What is Holly hiding? And are the dark secrets from her past going to put them all into terrible danger? An absolutely unputdownable psychological thriller, from the bestselling author of Blink and The Mistake. Perfect for fans of The Girl on the Train and The Couple Next Door.

About KL Slater




After years of trying to get published and never getting further than the slush pile, I went back to university at the age of 40 where I studied for an English & Creative Writing degree followed by an MA in Creative Writing. Although I also worked full-time during the five years I studied at university, the courses gave me the time and space to try different writing and increased my confidence and belief in my writing. Before I graduated from my MA, I had secured representation with my agent, Clare Wallace, at the Darley Anderson Literacy, TV and Film Agency and had my first book deal. My first adult psychological thriller for Bookouture is called ‘Safe with Me’ and it actually started life as my dissertation on my English & Creative Writing degree. The creepy voice of Anna came to me strong and insistent . . . she wanted to be written, she wouldn’t go away. I live in Nottingham with my husband, Mac. Between us we have three grown-up kids; my daughter, Francesca and Mac’s sons Nathan and Jake. I also write multi-award winning YA fiction under the name Kim Slater.

My Review

This is a gripping tale of dysfunctional characters, put them into the mix with hidden pasts, and oh boy do you you have a strong story to read. Holly, the young woman who had a difficult childhood, was taken in by Geraldine and Brendon for a life of luxury in Manchester but a life that was not her own in anyway. But what did they want? Why did she runaway from them, and what was she afraid when she sought refuge back in Nottingham? Cora is the benevolent old lady that took pity on Holly and took her into her home. David lives next door. He will not go out after dark. He spends his time at home, watching through binoculars, taking notes on every move his neighbours make bring new meaning to the term Neighbourhood Watch. Unlikely as it may seem he manages to strike up a friendship with Holly, but then Holly needs him, and will use him whenever she can. It didn't take me long to read this book, but the best books don't. I have read KL Slater before and have no doubt I will read many more. She knows how to keep me page turning.

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