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Carrion by Betsy Reavley

The Blurb

After surviving a fatal accident Monica is left wondering what happened to her life. Why did the car crash and why is she being haunted by a crow? Unable to remember the events that led to that fateful day and plagued by frightening visions Monica is determined to get some answers. But sometimes the truth is best left buried.

About Betsy Reavley

Betsy Freeman Reavley is the author of Beneath the Watery Moon and A Worm in the Bottle. As a child she moved around frequently with her family, spending time in London, Provence, Tuscany, Gloucestershire and Cambridgeshire. She showed a flair for literature and writing from a young age and had a particular interest in poetry, of which she was a prolific consumer and producer. In her early twenties she moved to Oxford, where she would eventually meet her husband. During her time in Oxford her interests turned from poetry to novels and she began to develop her own unique style of psychological thriller. Beneath the Watery Moon is Betsy Reavley’s beautifully written first release and tells the macabre story of a young woman battling against mental illness. Beneath the Watery Moon is published by Not So Noble Books and is available as an eBook from Amazon. Betsy Reavley's second novel Carrion is a psychological chiller that address the link between grief and mental illness. Reavley says "I think people are at their most fascinating when they are faced with life's real horrors." This is what I love to write about. Betsy Reavley currently lives in North London, with her husband 2 children, dog, cat and chickens. You can follow her on Twitter @BetsyReavley

My Review

This book was as dark as the crow that cast his evil eye upon crash victim Monica. Why did the crow haunt her and enter her head leading her into an unending madness, when the crow had already taken her husband Tom and unborn child Josh from her? What secrets did the crow know? Why was Monica hiding from the truth? The scenes depicting Monica’s encounters with the crow were both breathtaking and terrifying in equal measures.

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