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Game Players by Anita Waller

The Blurb

When a gang of six children playing in their den in the woods spot a man burying drugs nearby, it marks the beginning of the end of their childhoods. Unsure what to do, the children dig up the drugs and take them away. But when the dealer, who they watched bury the stash, shows up dead, the youngsters are thrown into turmoil. Scared of what might happen, the children tell the police about the body they have discovered. Meanwhile, a group of gangsters start searching for their missing drugs. Soon the children and their families become the target of the vicious criminals who will stop at nothing to retrieve their narcotics…

About Anita Waller

I live in Sheffield, UK. I am retired and have recently fulfilled my lifelong ambition of becoming a published author with Bloodhound Books. I am married (almost 50 years to Dave) with three children and seven grandchildren. I am a patchwork and quilting tutor as well as a writer. My first book was Beautiful and my second, a sequel to Beautiful, is called Angel.

My Review

A gang of six children (nice gang... a bit like 'Famous Five' but six) spy from their secret den in the woods, somebody up to no good, burying a stash of drugs (whoa... this goes way beyond 'Famous Five') Maybe not the best idea, as children do, dig up the drugs and relocate them to a wendy-house. Imagine the terror they experience, when the find the said man, lying in the hole with the missing drugs with his throat cut (forget I even mentioned 'Famous Five.' The children and families are in great danger because someone wants their drugs back. This was a fabulous read, and I will definitely be reading more of Anita Waller.

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