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Strategy by Anita Waller

The Blurb

A gripping psychological thriller from an international best-selling author

How much can one family take?

Jenny Carbrook murdered three people to make it look as though there was a serial killer at work in Lincoln, when the only person she wanted to kill was Ray Carbrook, her father-in-law, who had raped her the week before her marriage to Mark, Ray’s son.

Jenny wrote letters detailing her crimes in order to protect everyone she loved, but was forced to go into hiding before retrieving the evidence against her. Not only did she leave the letters behind but also her young daughter, Grace.

Now Jenny has a plan, a strategy, to get the letters back. But it’s not only the letters that Jenny has in her sights…

Strategy is the follow up to the international best-seller 34 Days, it can be read as a sequel or an unmissable stand-alone.

Anita Waller is the best-selling author of Beautiful, Angel, 34 Days & Winterscroft

About Anita Waller

I live in Sheffield, UK. I am retired and have recently fulfilled my lifelong ambition of becoming a published author with Bloodhound Books. I am married (almost 50 years to Dave) with three children and seven grandchildren. I am a patchwork and quilting tutor as well as a writer. My first book was Beautiful and my second, a sequel to Beautiful, is called Angel.

My Review

Anita Waller's '34 Days' was the book that I just didn't want to let go, and the sequel 'Strategy' more than fulfilled my need to continue with this compelling story. Jenny Carbrook having been identified as a serial killer by her family due to incriminating letters now in the family's possession has been told to leave the country and never come back or the letters will be handed over to the police. The family decision was made to ensure young Adam Carbrook did not find out that his real father raped his mother, who more recently had been killed by Jenny and he could continue to believe Mark Carbrook was his father. However, Jenny does not go, and believes she may be able to use her daughter Grace to get hold of the letters. I can't tell you how believable all of these characters were to me, and the story continued turning unexpected corners. This story is what the psychological thriller genre is all about.

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