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Their Lost Daughters by Joy Ellis (Audible Audiobook narrated by Richard Armitage)

The Blurb

First came Holmes. Then came Rebus. Now we introduce the only detectives you’ll be talking about this year, Jackman and Evans. The brainchild of Joy Ellis, our breakthrough crime author of 2018, Their Lost Daughters is the first in an unmissable new series that has everyone at Audible HQ hooked. Performed by Richard Armitage, we join the CID team of the Lincolnshire Fens as they hunt a merciless and twisted killer responsible for a series of shocking disappearances and murders. Step behind the scenes and experience Joy Ellis’ web of mystery for yourself. Get ready. It’s time...

About Joy Ellis

Joy Ellis grew up in Kent but moved to London when she won an apprenticeship with the prestigious Mayfair flower shop, Constance Spry Ltd. Many years later, having run her own florist shop in Weybridge, Ellis took part in a writer’s workshop in Greece and was encouraged by her tutor, Sue Townsend to begin writing seriously. She now lives in the Lincolnshire Fens with her partner Jacqueline and their Springer spaniels, Woody and Alfie.

My Review

I wasn't sure about this one but I was taken in by they hype around it when it was released. It didn't disappoint in so many ways. The story was controversial and sensitively written. Great characters superbly narrated by Richard Armitage. The ending was unexpected.

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