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Tatterdemalion: The Veracious Account of How Buffalo Bill's Posse Hunted Jack the Ripper by Robe

The Blurb

Scott Carson has spent much of his first 21 years in his parents’ basement in midtown Manhattan. Then the young engineer takes a call from Buffalo Bill himself and from that moment, Scott’s life is never the same. Colonel Cody has an offer for his official cinematographer: Go to London to hunt down the Whitechapel Murderer soon to be christened Jack the Ripper. But the grand adventure proves to be anything but as Jack is cleverer than Bill, Carson, Annie Oakley, Sitting Bull or Arthur Conan-Doyle expect. The stakes get mortal and personal as the ad hoc team, there at the invitation of Queen Victoria, discover Jack has Special Branch on his side.

My Review

A most unlikely gathering of characters such as Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley and Arthur Conan Doyle on the trail of Jack the Ripper, narrated through a cinematographer called Scott Carson bizarrely turned out to be an impressive and awesome read. I had a great sense of time and place through the graphic descriptions giving me a reading experience that was more than cinematic, as I even got the smells as I'm taken through the dark alleys of Whitechapel during those impoverished Victorian times. It was an extraordinary read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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