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The Edge of Sanity by Chris Thomas

The Blurb

"The Edge of Sanity leaves you on the edge of your seat" Jessica Letizia - reviewer "a terrific read with so many twists and turns and OMG moments" Patrice Leonard - reviewer

In a derelict squat, the Smart Man watches as the new narcotic developed by his shadowy organisation wreaks havoc on it, unsuspecting victims. The drug is now ready for sale on their exclusive darknet marketplace.

Elsewhere, DCI Robert Smith, the retired head of the Cyber Crimes Unit, seeks out crime boss Curtis Slater at his remote farm. He offers to provide Slater with information in exchange for money. But what information is he offering?

Meanwhile, former detective Pete Harris had started a new life, away from the Cyber Crimes Unit, with his daughter and begins to rekindle his relationship with old colleague Grace Brooks.

With his life seemingly complete, Pete’s world comes crashing down as he is drawn into Slater’s game with fatal consequences. He must join forces with his old enemies in a race against time. But can Pete save his daughter and Grace from the clutches of Slater, the Smart Man, and the sinister ringmaster, the Professor?

The Edge of Sanity is a dark and twisty psychological thriller. It can be read as the sequel to the critically acclaimed Enter The Dark or as a thrilling stand-alone. It will appeal to fans of authors like JP Delaney, Mark Edwards and James Swallow.

About Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas was born in England in 1978 and lives near Londonwith his wife and children. He graduated from Bristol University with a degree in psychology before moving into a career in business. After much deliberation over embarking on a journey into writing novels, and much encouragement/persuading from his wife, he self-published his debut novel 'The Red Room' - a dark crime thriller about a shadowy organisation operating a "game show" on the dark web, and a young man that they drag down into their world. The Red Room was then taken on by Bloodhound Books and re-published under it's new title and cover: Enter The Dark. The Edge of Sanity, the sequel to Enter The Dark, was released by Bloodhound in August 2018. Chris can be followed at the following: Twitter: @cthomasauthor1 Facebook:

My Review

I have not read Enter the Dark, the book that precedes this in the story, but I enjoyed The Edge of Sanity in its own right as a standalone. Not for the faint-hearted and the Edge of Sanity had me on the edge of my seat. Slater, a very powerful mobster for me was the most convincing character of the book although it has to be said that all of Chris Thomas's characters had a lot of substance to them.It was an interesting story and I was not disappointed with the ending.

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