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Unlikely Killer by Ricki Thomas

The Blurb

“Takes you on a journey into the darkest recesses of the human mind.” “Brilliant, fast paced...a book that gets you hooked from the first page.” Usually a serial killer will have a modus operandi that can lead to their capture. This one is breaking all the rules. It takes a journalist's keen eye to grasp the terrifying truth. This killer is recreating infamous murders from history. Despite researching historical murders in an attempt to catch the killer in the act, the police are repeatedly outwitted. With the Jack the Ripper murders next on the agenda, a bloodbath seems inevitable. With the clock ticking and the killer becoming increasingly frenzied, a detective and criminal psychologist join forces to stop this unlikely killer.

About Ricki Thomas

Ricki is the author of best-selling Unlikely Killer, Deadly Angels, Rings of Death, Bonfire Night, Black Park, Hope's Vengeance and Bloody Mary, all published by Wild Wolf Publishing. Her biggest interests are true crime, criminal psychology and comedies.

My Review

I have read many books from the psychological thriller genre, but the book that stands out amongst the crowd for me, is Unlikely Killer by Ricki Thomas. With this in mind, compared to the hundreds of books I have read since the first time round, it was time to revisit this incredible masterpiece that has left such an impression in my mind of what the last word should be within the crime genre.

Paul is severely troubled by schizophrenia and is commanded by the voice of 'God', to recreate some of the most brutal murders throughout British history. He is on the run, and the carnage continues through several counties, ending in Whitechapel, where, known as Kopycat, he reproduces the slaughter of Jack the Ripper's victims with great attention to detail. D.I. David Klein is equally troubled by the torment of his helplessness in failing to prevent the murder of more innocent victims slain in the most foul manner.

I took my time reading it this time around, and it is evident that Ricki Thomas must have spent a lifetime researching true crime. Unlikely Killer is a superb blend of fact and fiction, and written with a great deal of emotion, which has gripped me and clearly affected me. The drama never let up, and comes to a head with a huge twist. I cannot praise and recommend this book highly enough. Unlikely Killer should be a benchmark to set for all crimewriters to aspire to.

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