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Bloody Mary by Ricki Thomas

The Blurb

From the best-selling author of Unlikely Killer... Mary is a bitter woman who loves to meddle in other people’s business. But her manipulative world is thrown into turmoil when a face from the past returns and a rival is killed under mysterious circumstances. Taking advantage of the situation, Mary sets out to reclaim her lost true love and attain the happy family life she has always longed for. But someone is watching and is out to satisfy a deep-rooted revenge, threatening to destroy everything and everyone Mary holds dear. As the stakes rise, the two are thrown towards a violent and devastating finale.

About Ricki Thomas

Unlikely Killer was published in 2010 and was a runaway success, remaining top of the Kindle psychological thriller charts for over eight months and in the top ten for twelve. It was the 29th best selling e-book in 2011. It’s also available in paperback.

Hope’s Vengeance and Bloody Mary were published in 2011, followed by Bonfire Night and Black Park in 2013, and Rings of Death in 2014 (all available as paperback and e-book).

Ricki’s writing comes in many formats and genres, with numerous articles, short stories and biographies in magazines and anthologies worldwide, and a couple of screenplays in production.

Ricki has lived in many countries, having led a varied and eventful life and now enjoys a peaceful life in Yorkshire.

My Review

Mary Miller had mourned the day she had her newborn twins adopted against her will, following a schoolgirl pregnancy resulting from a onetime fling with a married man. Mary is not the forgiving kind, and her retribution against her parents for setting up the adoption, behind her back, demonstrated the extreme ruthlessness of this unusual woman's nature. For over thirty years she festered over an obsession that Beryl, the wife of the father of her twins Harry, stole the life that she should have had. Using manipulative skills to lure her quarry, she plotted revenge, and no measures would be too extreme to get this woman what she wanted. As a mistress of subterfuge she gathered information that only she could use for blackmail, or even murder. Mary Miller's options were far more extensive than most people would consider, because she ruled nothing out. What she hadn't anticipated was the kindness of Beryl, and the impact Beryl's son-in-law Darren, a drunken wife-beater would have on her plans that would change Mary's life beyond even her wildest expectations. A powerful, emotive story, with an unpredictable violent ending, this is a monumental novel, that had me gripped from beginning to end.

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