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Bonfire Night by Ricki Thomas

The Blurb

Under the cover of the bonfire night celebrations a young and troubled mother is shot dead, and her murder is remarkably similar to three murders thirty years before. DCI Butler and his colleague, Jeff Mason, are convinced that the murders are somehow linked, but when Jeff's deceased father comes under suspicion for the first three shootings, and his brother for the latest, he is removed from the investigation. In his desperate attempts to clear the family name, he discovers that there are more dirty skeletons in the cupboard than he could ever have imagined...

From the best-selling author of Unlikely Killer "A shocking page-turner."

"(Ricki) will take you on a journey into the darkest recesses of the human mind."

" paced... a book that gets you hooked from the first page."

About Ricki Thomas

Unlikely Killer was published in 2010 and was a runaway success, remaining top of the Kindle psychological thriller charts for over eight months and in the top ten for twelve. It was the 29th best selling e-book in 2011. It’s also available in paperback.

Hope’s Vengeance and Bloody Mary were published in 2011, followed by Bonfire Night and Black Park in 2013, and Rings of Death in 2014 (all available as paperback and e-book).

Ricki’s writing comes in many formats and genres, with numerous articles, short stories and biographies in magazines and anthologies worldwide, and a couple of screenplays in production.

Ricki has lived in many countries, having led a varied and eventful life and now enjoys a peaceful life in Yorkshire.

My Review

Like many townies, the idea of living in a remote English rural village has a certain appeal. Colefield, in Lincolnshire, would be one village you may care to avoid, especially on Bonfire Night. Put together the cover of darkness, and the sound of fireworks, and it's all the Christmas's come together for one predaceous local with a gun, who has a predilection for random execution of innocent women. During the eighties, on three consecutive years, one female was slaughtered in such a way, on Bonfire Night. This unsolved case became known as the Bonfire Murders. Then inexplicably it stopped, until thirty years later, when a young mother was killed in the same way. DCI Frank Butler and his colleague Jeff Mason investigate and believe that the recent murder is linked to the eighties murders. However, Jeff's deceased father is linked to the murders, and Jeff's brother Paul, and is taken off the case. As the story unfolds we are taken on a journey of secrets, deception, blackmail, threats and more murder. Shocking from beginning to end, with some humour, this book has it all. The characters are strong and believable. It has everything (and more) that I would want from a psychological thriller.

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