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Remember by Shervin Jamali

The Blurb

As Daniel watches the life ebb from Grace's body, he wishes they had more time, knew each other when they were young. His wife surprises him by insisting they did. And then she's gone. He knows this can't be true. Can it? They only met later in life, so why would Grace's departing words hint at a shared youth? Haunted by this notion, Daniel journeys into the past to discover the truth. 'Remember' is a unique love story. Find out how it really began...

About Shervin Jamali

I've been writing for as long as I can remember, but it wasn't until recently that it just seemed to click. I've had stories locked away, but suddenly, and unexpectedly, they now need to get out. I completed the first draft of "The Devil's Lieutenant" in just two months, and that was as a result of writing when I had the opportunity to do so. My 8-5 job and family still came first. I look forward to the day when I can be a full time writer who can take my children to school, pick them up and chauffeur them to various activities, with a healthy dose of writing in between. I believe that day might be right around the corner. Also, my favorite punctuation mark is the semi-colon; it's often used incorrectly, but it's always winking at you!

My Review

I'm no stranger to the work of Shervin Jamali, having read 'The Devil's Lieutenant' and 'Escape From Hell,' so I knew, from the get-go, to expect something different. Believe you me, I think constant readers crave for different, so if that's what you crave look no further, because Mr Jamali is the master of different and at the same time he will press all of your literary buttons and you are guaranteed it will be an emotional journey on the way. When Daniel loses his beloved wife Grace to cancer, he wishes that they hadn't met so much later in life and had had more time together. In her dying breath Grace informs Daniel that they have met before and had time together. Daniel believed there must be some truth in what she said but couldn't fathom how, as he couldn't remember, (hence the title). In the dark depths of grief, as a recovering alcoholic, he relapses into a bar and has a chance encounter with a hypnotherapist who offers him a session to open up his mind and find the true meaning of what Grace had said to him. Believing that hypnotherapy was just bullshit, eventually, he grudgingly concurs and a story unfolds beyond imagination. This was beautifully written in a comforting style with smatterings of humour. The fact that I was susceptible to the spiritual aspect of the story pleased me no end. An incredible piece of work.

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