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Deadly Angels by Ricki Thomas

Deadly Angels by Ricki Thomas

The Blurb

When Hugh finds a scribbled note in Toby’s oesophagus during post-mortem, he contacts controversial DCI Thirsk and refers the untimely death to the coroner. In a neighbouring hospital, a ninety year old woman dies, and with a million pound inheritance going solely to one son, the other son suspects foul play and demands a post-mortem. A pulmonary embolism is the cause of death, which is inconsistent with her lifestyle, and the case is also referred to the coroner. Meanwhile, the rumours are abound that two nurses are mistreating their patients, and another unexplained death heightens Thirsk’s suspicions, but Superintendent Fitzpatrick, whose friend is on the hospital board,refuses to allow an investigation, trusting the hospital to do an internal inquiry. It’s only when Hugh arranges for a nurse friend, Angela, to work as a stooge alongside the rogue nurses that the sickening and sinister truth begins to emerge...

About Ricki Thomas

Unlikely Killer was published in 2010 and was a runaway success, remaining top of the Kindle psychological thriller charts for over eight months and in the top ten for twelve. It was the 29th best selling e-book in 2011. It’s also available in paperback. Hope’s Vengeance and Bloody Mary were published in 2011, followed by Bonfire Night and Black Park in 2013, and Rings of Death in 2014 (all available as paperback and e-book). Ricki’s writing comes in many formats and genres, with numerous articles, short stories and biographies in magazines and anthologies worldwide, and a couple of screenplays in production.

Ricki has lived in many countries, having led a varied and eventful life and now enjoys a peaceful life with her family.

My Review

Essential reading for fans of the crime and thriller genre, but if you are about to go into hospital, I suggest you save it until you get home, because I guarantee after reading this you will fight off the next unsuspecting health-worker that attempts to put a needle into your veins, even it happens to be Florence Nightingale. In a hospital setting, Deadly Angels was the latest masterpiece to add to my Ricki Thomas collection. Each Ricki Thomas book is uniquely different to the others and uniquely different to any other top crime thriller around these days. So when a new Ricki Thomas is released you don’t know what you’re getting except that you know you will get hooked in after the first few pages. Deadly Angels did not disappoint. As a writer if you are going to create a killer you have to understand the psychology behind what makes a killer a killer, and nobody does this better than Ricki Thomas. The characterisation was consistently good with all of the characters, enough to make me really care about them or extremely loathe. I was thrilled to see more of maverick detective DCI Thirsk and his rookie sidekick Toni Fowler, plus the rest of Thirsk’s team from Ricki Thomas’s ‘Black Park’. Then add to that the revival of DI Krein, who had investigated the ‘Kopycat Killer’ in ‘Unlikely Killer’. The inclusion of all of these characters really made me feel like Ihad come home. As a hospital thriller there are twists than you could throw a surgical bone screw at, but I’m not giving anything away. Go buy your own, and buy a copy for a friend. A worthy five stars.

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