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Parcels of Doom by Anne Lown

The Blurb

Can a voodoo doll really predict who’s going to die? Postwoman, Jenny Reid, moved to Chapel End village to get away from the drama in her life, but the anonymous hiring of a private investigator to reopen an old case stirs up the past. Jenny stands by her boyfriend when village rumours suspect him of being a murderer, but can she still do so when a voodoo doll names the next victim? Jason Kettle returns to the village after two decades away. While reliving memories of his youth, he visits his friend, Annalise’s, old home and intervenes in an emotional situation with Jenny’s ex-fiancé. Angry at being suspected of committing a crime, he needs to help Jenny clear his name. As danger escalates in the village and time runs out, can Jenny unearth the real killer before they strike again?

My Review

This is a captivating story set in an English Village called Chapel End. Our heroine was the postie, Jenny Reid who had recently moved to the village for a quieter life. However, she is soon to discover she has become central to a plot of murder and voodoo dolls, not what she was expecting. The book had me engaged from the first page, a good rural murder mystery. I know there are more to come, and I have a prequel to this story to read very soon. I highly recommend this interesting well-rounded tale and will be reading more from the pen of Anne Lown later this year. After reading this, I will never look at my postie in the same way again.​

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