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A book signing event for Author Ricki Thomas

I had a fabulous day at The Old Curiousity Bookshop and Tearoom in Hathern, Leicestershire, last weekend for a guest appearance of crimewriter Ricki Thomas, who was there to meet readers and sign books for them.

The day went well with a good turnover of people including a local book club, who had selected 'Black Park' as their book of the month. The feedback Ms Thomas received was 100% positive, with some readers appearing truly starstruck on meeting her, echoing what I have been saying for years about this incredible author.

Ricki Thomas writes standalone psychological thrillers, and has spent a lifetime studying true crime and the psychology of killers, which adds so much depth to the drama that she creates.

Apologies that the images are not in the correct chronological order. Each time I uploaded a new image, the computer reshuffled them.

The correct order should be, Unlikely Killer, Hope's Vengeance, Bloody Mary, Bonfire Night, Black Park, Rings of Death and Deadly Angels.

Ricki Thomas

Author Ricki Thomas at The Old Curiousity Bookshop and Tea Room, in Hathern, Leicestershire.

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