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Dark is the Day (Inspector Jim Carruthers Book 4) by Tana Collins

The Blurb

A crazed killer. Unsuspecting victims. A town gripped by terror.

DI Jim Carruthers has to put his personal feelings for newly- appointed DCI Sandra McTavish aside when a young student is brutally attacked and left for dead.

Meanwhile, when a university lecturer is stalked by one of her own students, Carruthers is horrified to discover that the academic is none other than his ex-wife, Mairi. Are the attacker and stalker one and the same, and if so, will Carruthers’ ex-wife be next?

When a second then a third victim is discovered, not only dead but mutilated, Carruthers and his team are tasked with searching for a murderer. A murderer who takes great pleasure from killing.

What is the victims’ connection to a cult in North America, which seems to be getting a stranglehold in a Scottish university? Why have these women been targeted? And who is doing the killing?

It looks like there might be a serial killer on the loose in Castletown but can DI Jim Carruthers stop this depraved murderer before they strike again?

DI Jim Carruthers is back for the next instalment in the bestselling mystery series. Also available:

Robbing The Dead

Care to Die

Mark of the Devil

Tana Collins' critically acclaimed and best-selling Inspector Jim Carruthers Series are must-reads for all fans of crime fiction, fast-paced and utterly gripping they will appeal to fans of authors like Faith Martin, Joy Ellis, Angela Marsons and Robert Byrndza.
About Tana Collins

Tana Collins is the bestselling author of the Inspector Jim Carruthers series set in the picturesque East Neuk of Fife. She was born in Yorkshire but grew up in rural East Sussex where she spent most of her childhood running around in woods creating stories and having adventures. She did a BA at the Polytechnic of North London before moving to Canada to do a Masters in Philosophy and finally ended up in St Andrews. In 1996 she moved to Edinburgh which is where she still lives.

Her debut novel, Robbing the Dead, set in fictional Castletown in Fife, was published on 14th February 2017 and became an Amazon No 1 Bestseller for Scottish Crime Fiction. The second in the series, Care to Die, was published 1st June 2017. The third in the series, Mark of the Devil, was published on the 24th of April 2018.

My Review

I was privileged to receive an advanced review copy of Dark is the Day by Tana Collins. DI Jim Carruthers, now demoted from DCI has to come to terms with a new DCI Sandra McTavish. He is on the trail of a murderer who has been killing young female students. There is a philosophy link between the attacks and killings, and one of the victims is an art student but has the same philosophy book as the other victims. To Jim's dismay, he finds that his ex-wife Mairi, professor of philosophy is involved with the students, and may even be at risk herself. This book which could be read as a standalone, but chances are if you do you will be compelled to read the whole series. There is so much back story that adds weight to a really gripping plot. Carruthers doesn't do things by the book, but he is one hell of a decent bloke. The whole story was intriguing and the ending did not disappoint. ​

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