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Pandora's Last Act by Terry Kerr

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The Blurb

What was Pandora's Last Act - and how can it save a man and a woman who've never met from a terrible fate? Paul Grey is fifty; but that's okay, he can cope with that. Hia marriage of twenty five years has just ended in divorce, but that's okay; he can cope with that. He's moved into a new flat, but that's okay; he can cope with that. His only child is about to leave home and start University, but that's okay; he can cope with that. But when an apparition appears in his room one day, the apparition of a woman with blurred features, a woman who screams at him "You have to stop him! You have to stop him or he'll do it again! You have to stop him or IT'LL BE ALL YOUR FAULT!" Paul Grey finds there are things he cannot cope with ...things that lead to terrible tragedy ... Maybe Pandora's Last Act will save him.​

My Review

When I ordered this book, I had no idea what a rollercoaster of a read I would be having. Pandora's Last Act is an incredible piece of work, that had me laughing out loud, but little did I know that I had been lulled into a false sense of comfort as this turned out to be a very grim, but compelling tale indeed, that would make the strongest of us readers weep. Paul Grey, a fifty-year-old divorcee, who left the comfort of his marital home, to the loneliness of a flat in a converted Victorian house, is one of life's copers and takes everything in his stride. Well liked by everyone, even his ex-wife Trish, he is regarded as a good man by everyone who knows him. However, his life turns around a dark corner when he is visited by a ghost (who's not a ghost). Terry Kerr's writing style is unique, and before I had even got my breath back at the end of the book, I felt compelled to order another Terry Kerr, 'Stay My Hand.' I think I'm addicted.​

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