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The Old Curiosity Bookshop: 1st Book of Short Stories edited by Tina Walford.

A Showcase book of 25 Short Stories promoting new & experienced Writers who live and work in and around, the Old Curiosity Bookshop and Tea Room in Hathern, LE12 5HZ, Leicestershire, England. Contributors are: John Constantinou, Ian Cook, Chris Davis, Angela Thody, Sven Hallin, Jonathan Hill, June Hutchinson, Avril Macintyre, Christopher Mills, Scarlett Storer-Rowe, Mark Stretton, Ricki Thomas, Christopher Vaughan-Jones, Tina Walford, and Stephanie Young. The perfect bedtime or holiday entertainment with a spellbinding selection of styles, a gripping selection of subjects, and a compelling collection of characters. Treat yourself to a rollercoaster of emotions; with more than a few surprises...

About the Old Curiostiy Bookshop

We are a friendly and welcoming bookshop that feels inclusive and accessible: a meeting place for book-lovers, a place to have discussions, find long-lost titles, and a venue for a monthly ‘Meet the Author’ event. A peaceful sanctuary to write and think, and a tranquil refuge for readers to escape for an hour or two.

Military personnel (retired or serving) and anyone in the Emergency Services, are welcome to have a free Tea or Coffee anytime. No questions asked, just respect and respite provided.

My Review

The Old Curiosity Bookshop & Teashop really does exist in the village of Hathern in the county of Leicestershire. It's an Aladdin's Cave of ancient and modern books, curios and local crafts, a place where you will want to linger and sample the gastronomic delights of the teashop. It came as no surprise to me that this first anthology of short stories from local authors and visitors to the teashop eclectically reflected the multifarious nature of the book and teashop awash with treasure to be found. The writers are a very mixed group of ages and professions; including a teacher, a retired teacher, a business owner and entrepreneur, two university lecturers; one retired and one current, engineers, a professional researcher, a current Guinness World Record holder, a professional magician, a sound engineer and a professional author Ricki Thomas who writes psychological crime books which are selling like hot cakes on Amazon. 'Middle England' by Sven Hallin, is the story of a middle-class man who has had to remortgage his home in order to make ends meet, believing the upper-class are avoiding their taxes and the 'working class' are unemployed and a drain on society and decides to make a protest that gets out of hand. 'The Hunt' by Scarlett Storer-Roe, a mystical tale set during a severe storm in Ireland. 'All About Technique' by Avril Macintyre, is about grandfather's inspirational talk to his grandson preparing him for sports day, which he put to good use to protect his mother. 'Adamski's Late Shift' by Jonathan Hill, is set during a civil war in one of the Baltic states and a wounded policeman is asking for help. 'The Souring of Sneetle-Milk' by Christopher Mills, a fantasy tale set in the world of Hollowpod was a delight to read. 'The Smiling Hussar' by Chris Vaughan-Jones, set in 1904, Corporal Howe, is missing for reveille following a drunken night at the pub. 'The Old Sailor' by Avril Macintyre, as the title suggests, is the story of a man who likes to regale to gullible tourists tall stories of his adventures on the high seas. 'The Widow of Udon' by Jonathan Hill, a murder in the city of Udon in Thailand. 'Dear Daddy' by Ricki Thomas, a boy discovers a photo of the father he has never seen. 'Battle Ready' by Tina Walford, a proud mother prepares her son for battle. 'Praying for Mud' by Jonathan Hill, can Mr. and Mrs. Njovu trust their maid? 'A Game of Chance' by June Hutchinson, Beth is lying dead at the bottom of the stairs, and Jed returned to civilian life from tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, looks back over his last twelve months with Beth. 'Twelfth Night' by Mark Stretton, a sleepless night who thinks there may be an intruder in the house. 'The Escape' by John Constantinou, Helga is trying to escape from a war zone. 'The Strip' by Sven Hallin, a man enters a strip club trying to forget memories of a broken relationship. 'Charley and Maggs' by Chris Vaughan-Jones, Charley and Maggs eight-year marriage has gone sour and ends with dire consequences. 'The Cocktail Party' by Ian Cook, a story of power struggles amongst the elite in post-colonial Hong Kong. 'Poison the Well' by Stephanie Young, Emily finds that her husband Richard has been having an affair. 'Ten Days of Nathan Blake' by John Constantine, a surprise sixtieth birthday party is planned for Bob. 'The Final Credits' by June Hutchinson, about Paul Chambers, an ousted soap star. 'Contempt' by Sven Hallin, the story of a wife's contempt for her husband of twenty years. 'Maestro' by C.P. Davis, a provincial academic struggles to fit in with his girlfriend's theatrical and artsy friends in London. 'Refuge?' by Alegna Dyoth, living in a refugee camp near the Syrian border. 'Closure in Fitzrovia' by Jonathan Hill, an experienced therapist crosses an intimate boundary with a wealthy patient and the practice meets to discuss how they may limit the damage caused to the practice. 'The Price of Immortality' by Mark Stretton, Jack invites a 'Jinn' into his home in the hope that he may become immortal. There it is something for everyone and everything for someone.

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