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I am Quinn (new title is 'I Never Left') by McGarvey Black

The Blurb

My name is Quinn Roberts and I was murdered.

Quinn Roberts is dead and she wants to know how it happened. She’s angry, confused and disappointed that her life is over. Most of her friends have moved on and it seems like no one cares who was responsible. Her adult children are in shock but their mother’s death is too painful, so they do nothing.

Soon after her murder, Quinn’s husband, Alec, acquires a new wife and Quinn becomes a distant memory. Only her sister, Erin, and Detective John McQuillan continue to search for answers.

But as the case stalls, the formal investigation is moved to the Cold Case division and Quinn’s family loses hope that there will ever be an arrest.

Can Quinn get the justice she deserves? And, is discovering the truth always worth it?

"This book has gone into my top 3 best EVER reads." - Audrey Gibson

If you are a fan of the classic bestseller The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold and of addictive psychological thrillers by authors like Lesley Kara and Cara Hunter, then you are going to love McGarvey Black's unmissable new thriller, I Never Left.

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Suspense, Mystery

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December 2018


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I am happy to skype, facetime or call in to your book club if our schedules permit. Just reach out and I'll do my best to make it happen.

My Review

Another debut novel from the bookshelves of Bloodhound Books, I am Quinn by McGarvey Black, which is also sold under the title 'I Never Left.' This novel is written as a first person narrative from the deceased, Quinn Roberts, a complex lady with an abusive husband. Due to her poor mental health and previous threats to take her own life, her death was initially assumed to be suicide. However, it is investigated further, but over the passage of time, it was eventually handed over to the cold case team. A brilliant debut novel that was compelling to read.

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