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In Her Shadow by Mark Edwards

The Blurb:

Isabel’s life seemed perfect. Successful business, beautiful house, adoring husband. And then she was dead.

For four years Jessica has never doubted that her sister Isabel’s death was an accident. But when Jessica’s young daughter seems to know long-forgotten details about her aunt’s past, Jessica can’t shake the feeling that there’s a more sinister truth behind the tragedy.

As Jessica unearths disturbing revelations about her sister, and about the people she loved and trusted most, it becomes clear Isabel’s life was less than perfect and that Jessica’s might also be at risk.

Did someone murder Isabel? Are they now after Jessica and her family? The key seems to lie in the hands of a child. Can Isabel reveal the truth from beyond the grave, or is the answer closer to home?

In Her Shadow is a gripping tale of family secrets, lies and obsession from the two million copy bestselling author Mark Edwards.

About Mark Edwards:

Mark Edwards writes psychological thrillers in which scary things happen to ordinary people. He loves love hearing from readers and always responds. Mark can be contacted in the following ways: Email: Twitter @mredwards Facebook: You can download a free box set of 'Short Sharp Shockers' by visiting Mark has sold over 3 million books since his first solo novel, The Magpies, was published in 2013 and has topped the bestseller lists eight times. His other novels are Because She Loves Me, Follow You Home, What You Wish For, The Devil's Work, The Lucky Ones, The Retreat, In Her Shadow and Here To Stay. He has also published two short sequels to The Magpies and six books co-authored with Louise Voss. He will release two books in 2019: Last of the Magpies (the thrilling conclusion to the Magpies trilogy) and Here To Stay, a novel about in-laws from hell. Mark lives in the West Midlands, England, with his wife, their three children, three cats and a golden retriever.

My Review:

When Olivia is four years old she has an imaginary friend, Aunt Izzy (Isabel), who died tragically from a fall around the time that Olivia was born. Jessica, Olivia's mother and Izzy's sister, is troubled by the fact that Olivia knows so much about Izzy despite never having known her. Olivia, discloses that Izzy has told her that her fatal fall was not an accident and that she was pushed. Jessica, has to decide, is this truly a ghost, or is someone feeding Olivia this information. Thus, Jessica needs to get to the bottom of this, for her sake, her daughter's and most of all to find out the truth about Izzy. In true Mark Edwards style, there are lots of twists and expect the unexpected. Compelling reading with lots of entertainment value along the way.

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