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Clubtown Crossroads by Tom Hellberg

The Blurb:

This is a novel about trust. A club that everybody relies on has been closed because it is a front for a drugs operation and been busted. The drugs were supplied by a plethora of bands, mainly from Jamaica, coming over to the town. This story charts the lives of the various groups of individuals who either work there or come to listen to the music. The regulars attempt various ventures to take back control of their lives after the bust and find renewed strength in unity from the experience. The undercover police infiltration, which has closed the venue, is revealed for what it is after the façade has been exposed and is leaked to the press.

About Tom Hellberg:

The author is a retired architectural draughtsman who has also worked as an advertising manager in Mind, Body, Spirit magazine. He has been involved in highlighting the need for action on climate change and a former member of the Eco Worriers, an environmentally concerned band.

My Review:

This debut novel by Tom Hellberg is centred around a nightclub, the Omegaplex, which is used as a front for a drug-running business. This is a slow-burning tale, written from the point of view of many different characters, which add complexity to the plot by the sheer weight of numbers. However, it's a worthwhile read, as Mr Hellberg leaves no stone unturned before the book's dramatic conclusion.

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