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The Hostile: Book One of The Hostile series by Joy Mutter

The Blurb:

The Hostile is book one in this unusual contemporary paranormal series of crime thrillers. In a rundown area of Manchester inside a decrepit bathroom in a terraced house overflowing with children and dysfunctional parents, an unfathomable, powerful entity infiltrates loner Serena's life, with disastrous results. The enigmatic force not only dramatically affects Serena’s life but threatens the well-being of everyone she knows, especially those who earn her displeasure. It soon becomes clear that people should never upset Serena if they know what’s good for them. After reading The Hostile, you'll never look at D.I.Y. in the same way. Book 2 is Holiday for The Hostile. The Hostile Game is book 3, and book four is Confronting The Hostile. All books in the series are available in paperback and audiobook editions. The Hostile Series Box Set is also available.

About Joy Mutter:

oy Mutter was born in Jersey in the Channel Islands and lived there for eighteen years. She moved to Kent and worked as a professional graphic designer for over twenty years. Joy moved to Oldham in 2012 where she's been writing, designing, and publishing her books full-time ever since. Although she's been writing books since 2007, Joy waited until 2015 to publish six of them on Amazon. Four more books followed in 2016, two in 2017, and one in 2018. All thirteen are now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions. Nine are also available as audiobooks on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon. Her first three books are mainly autobiographical and form The Mug Trilogy. Books in this series are A Slice of the Seventies, The Lying Scotsman, and Straws. Potholes and Magic Carpets is a contemporary novel. Living with Postcards is the author's first non-fiction book. Random Bullets is a paranormal crime thriller. Her demonic Angel and other short stories was published in 2016, along with The Hostile, and Holiday for The Hostile. The Hostile Game, and Confronting The Hostile were published in 2017. The Hostile Series Box Set contains all four books in The Hostile series of paranormal crime thrillers. There is an audiobook version of each book in the Hostile series.

My Review:

I never cease to be amazed by the imagination of some writers and Joy Mutter proves to be no exception. The Hostile is about a young girl, Serena Drummond, and her relationship with a bathroom tile that she named Tile X, that brings about dark forces and sinister consequences. This fantastic story is made all the more plausible by focussing on a child's susceptibility to discern ethereal beings from indistinct random abstract patterns. Something I remember well from my own childhood, and the hideous bedroom curtains I had that I could not look at depending on the way the light from outdoors played on the Paisley design. There were never good faces, only evil ones. I'm so pleased that this is a series because there is more to this story, and I'm going to start on Holiday for the Hostile right now.

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