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1541 The Cataclysm (Micklegate Series Book 1) by Robert William Jones

The Blurb:

As Henry V111 and Catherine Howard venture north toward York, an unlikely band of characters join forces to thwart the impending cataclysm of 1541.

Live, laugh, love and lament in sixteenth century England as you immerse yourself in this gripping and engaging plot.

‘1541 The Cataclysm’ is the first in the Micklegate series.

‘1542 The Purge’ is also available.

The third book will be completed by the end of 2020.

For fans of C.J. Sansom, George R.R. Martin, Ellis Peters, Dan Brown, and Ben Elton and, anything to do with The Tudors, this is a must read.

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About Robert William Jones:

Rob holds a joint degree in History and Art & Design and subsequently studied British History for his postgraduate studies. He has taught both subjects for many years, his students ranging from early teens to undergraduates. Later in his career, Rob specialised in the application of new technologies in special and alternative education. ​He started writing commercially when he ran Jester Productions Limited in which he wrote scripts for plays and musicals that were used e most often in colleges, schools, major tour operators and theatre groups internationally. He has been a fine artist most of his life and, as well as designing backdrops and costumes for Jester, Rob has received countless commissions ranging from magazine work and book covers to church interiors. He lives in Lancashire, England. More information at

My Review:

York with it's narrow snickleways, overseen by it's monumental Minster, infuses its history into the mind, body and soul of many who care to visit. Having been there on three separate occasions in my life, it leaves me with many questions in my mind, of what life was like during medieval times, a significant era for this great city, particularly around the time of the Reformation. Robert William Jones, a historian, has opened a window into this period of time, in a fun and imaginative fashion, with a tale that takes us through Stratford-upon-Avon, York, Lindisfarne in Northumberland, London, Lincoln, to name but a few, bringing the ordinary and not so ordinary people of that time to life, exemplifying their aspirations, their humour, attitudes and fears, and during these dark times when there was so much more to fear. I particularly enjoyed the chapters that took a close and personal look at the formidable King Henry VIII. Who says history is dull. I need to go back to York and take yet another look.

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