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The House On Rectory Lane by Stuart James

The Blurb:

How could a dream move turn into such a nightmare?

Jake and Kate live in London but after an altercation with a stranger who threatens Jake with a knife, they take their son and move to a house in the woods.

It’s their dream home, or so they think until people in the village warn them they shouldn’t have come.

Their neighbours are strange and when Kate sees a face at the window, the family realise they might be in danger.

When they find a tape hidden in the loft of the house, a video recording of the previous family who once lived there, it chills them to the bone.

They soon realise that the family living there before them have disappeared and they too could now be next.

What is the mystery surrounding the house on Rectory Lane?

Jake and Kate are about to find out…

About Stuart James:

Stuart James is also the author of the bestselling Apartment 6. The House On Rectory Lane is a dark and twisty psychological thriller. It's the perfect read for fans of authors like Mark Edwards, Rachel Abbott and Adam Croft.

My Review:

This was a thriller extraordinaire. I raced through this in just a day, such was my need to know what happened next to poor Jake and Kate and their son Sean, who bought their 'too good to be true' home on Rectory Lane. Everything soon appears to go pear-shaped, after a warning to go back to where they came from. Then they find a disturbing video in the loft made by the previous occupants the Prescott family who mysteriously disappeared.

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