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#MeToo by Patricia Dixon

The Blurb:

It can happen to anyone... #MeToo

When Billie receives a letter from the man she loves, she returns home, determined to help him.

Desperate to prove his innocence, Stan is in prison, convicted of a crime he swears he didn’t commit.

Kelly, his victim, is struggling to cope after an ordeal that left her traumatised and lonely.

Whilst hiding a secret of her own and battling demons from her past, Billie is enlisted by the private detective who is looking for vital evidence that might set Stan free.

Billie has complete faith in Stan but when she hears Kelly’s version of events, cracks begin to appear and her faith wavers.

There are two sides to every story and Billie needs to get to the truth, but the deeper she digs, the more lies are unearthed.

Who will she believe?

And who is really telling the truth?

Inspired by true events; #MeToo is one of 2020's most remarkable psychological thrillers.

What everyone is saying about #MeToo:

'A powerful story written by a powerful writer - and a subject that will make you stop and think #MeToo.’ - Anita Waller, bestselling author of the Kat and Mouse series.

'Brilliant from start to finish. This story will stay with you.' - Keri Beevis, bestselling author of Dying to Tell and Deep Dark Secrets.

‘Another fantastic book by one of my favourite authors.’ - John Nicholl, bestselling author of Mr Nice and The Girl in Red

'A heart-pounding gripping story of truth lies and evil. Absolutely Brilliant.' - An ARC reviewer

'Such a clever and thought-provoking book that totally took my life over until I turned the last page over. Just utterly brilliant!' - An ARC reviewer

Patricia Dixon is also the author of the bestselling psychological thrillers The Secrets of Tenley House, Over My Shoulderand co-author ofLiars.If you are a fan of authors like Lisa Jewell, B.A. Paris and Clare McGowen you will love #MeToo.

About Patricia Dixon:

Patricia Dixon lives in Manchester and is the best selling author of eight novels. She has written stories set in her home city and the Loire, a place to close to her heart and from where she gathers inspiration for her characters and tales. In May 2018 she signed with Bloodhound Books, leading crime and thriller publishers. Recently Patricia was long-listed for The Guardian's Not The Booker Prize and has been nominated in the Crime Fiction Addict Readers Choice Awards. Her books regularly appear in the top slots for readers and bloggers book of the year. If you would like to get in touch please follow the links below. Everyone is welcome. Email : Facebook: Twitter:

My Review:

This is an emotive story on so many levels, involving false allegations, wrongful conviction, and victims of physical and sexual abuse, hence the thematic title of #MeToo. Stan has been convicted of rape and committed to Strangeways Prison. The indubitable evidence against him has convinced the judge and jury of his guilt, but Stan maintains that he has been set up by Kelly as payback for him breaking up with her. After Stan had written Billie, his former girlfriend, a completely unvarnished story outlining the true events of what happened, this matched up with the Stan she had formerly loved, enough to give him the benefit of the doubt because she believed it was out of character for him to have carried out the foul deeds that he had been accused of. With this in mind she sets out on a mission to bring new evidence to support an appeal. This powerful and compelling tale is a must read for fans of the psychological thriller genre.

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