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VOX by Christina Dalcher

The Blurb:

***The explosive new thriller from Christina Dalcher – Q – is out now!***

‘Intelligent, suspenseful, provocative, and intensely disturbing – everything a great novel should be’ LEE CHILD

‘Extraordinary’ LOUISE O’NEILL

‘A truly compulsive novel’ STYLIST

‘The book of the moment!’ MARIE CLAIRE

‘This book will blow your mind’ PRIMA

‘A petrifying reimagining of The Handmaid’s Tale’ ELLE

‘A fast-paced, twisting thriller that left me speechless.’ DAILY MAIL

‘Terrifying’ RED

‘A novel ripe for the #MeToo era’ VANITY FAIR

‘A dazzling debut.’ GOOD HOUSEKEEPING

‘Thought-provoking and thrilling. I was left speechless!’ WOMAN & HOME

Silence can be deafening.

Jean McClellan spends her time in almost complete silence, limited to just one hundred words a day. Any more, and a thousand volts of electricity will course through her veins.

Now the new government is in power, everything has changed. But only if you’re a woman.

Almost overnight, bank accounts are frozen, passports are taken away and seventy million women lose their jobs. Even more terrifyingly, young girls are no longer taught to read or write.

For herself, her daughter, and for every woman silenced, Jean will reclaim her voice. This is only the beginning…


About Christina Dalcher:

Christina Dalcher is a linguist, novelist, and flash fiction writer living in the American South. She has over 100 publishing credits in the UK, US, and Australia. Recognitions include first prize in the Bath Flash Fiction Award (February 2019), second prize in the 2016 Bartleby Snopes Dialogue-Only Contest, and nominations for The Pushcart Prize, Best of the Net, and Best Small Fictions. Her flash fiction appears in The Molotov Cocktail Prize Winners' anthology, Whiskey Paper, Split Lip Magazine, (b)OINK, Five2One Magazine, and several others. Laura Bradford of Bradford Literary Agency represents Christina's novels, including the international best seller VOX. Christina lives with her husband and the ghosts of several dogs and cats. She tweets under the handle @CVDalcher. To read more about her, or see samples of her work, please visit Photo credits: Laurens Arenas, Bruce Dalcher

My Review:

In the United States, an extreme religious group that call themselves Pure, completely emasculate women, to the point where they are removed from their employment, deprived of education, access to books and are not allowed to speak more than one hundred words a day. It's the story of a once free society that now is run on fear. Dr Jean McClellan, has been levied by the government to temporarily return to work to develop a cure for the president's brother. During this time, her word counter bracelet, that has been secured to every woman's wrist, and emits a thousand volts electric shock for each word over the permitted one hundred, has been removed for the duration of the project. Dr Jean has a daughter, and does not wish her to live in a society like this. Can she use this temporary freedom to her advantage? This dystopian tale was terrifying, not only from a woman's perspective but for the men who love their families.

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