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Rabbit Hole by Jon Richter

The Blurb:

How far would you go to solve a murder?

Elaine Napier, an investigative journalist who is made redundant from her job, decides to record a true-crime podcast. All she needs is a story.

When Elaine stumbles upon the five-year-old cold case of Katrin, she begins an investigation that will quickly become a fixation.

After an early breakthrough, Elaine’s investigation leads her to Hannibal Heights, an apartment building that Katrin helped to design. The building is home to a sinister taxidermy museum, a host of intriguing residents, and more than its share of secrets.

But despite the obvious danger, Elaine’s obsession continues to grow.

As her investigation threatens to spiral out of control, Napier receives threats and police pressure to shut the broadcast down.

Can Elaine solve the mystery and keep her own sense of right and wrong intact?

Or will the shocking truth distort everything Elaine holds dear?

Jon Richter is also the author of the crime thriller Never Rest. Rabbit Hole is a gripping mystery thriller full of twists and turns. If you are fan of authors like Lucy Foley, Alex Michaelides and James Patterson, then you'll love this unmissable thriller.

About Jon Richter:

Jon Richter writes dark fiction, and is the author of three gripping crime thrillers (Deadly Burial, Never Rest and Rabbit Hole) as well as two collections of short horror fiction (Jon Richter's Disturbing Works, Volumes One and Two) and cyberpunk thriller London 2039: Auxiliary. Jon lives in London and spends some of his time hiding in the guise of his sinister alter ego, an accountant called Dave. When he isn't counting beans, he is a self-confessed nerd who loves books, films and video games - basically any way to tell a great story! If you want to chat to him about this, or about anything at all, you can find him on Twitter @RichterWrites or Instagram @jonrichterwrites; he'd also love it if you would check out his website and weekly blog at

My Review:

As I am constantly reading crime fiction, it's refreshing to find something just a little bit different, and Rabbit Hole by Jon Richter did just that for me. Eighteen of the fifty chapters are written in the form of a transcript for a podcast, 'The Frozen Files,' a broadcast narrated by former investigative journalist Elaine Napier, who has taken on the cold case of a missing person called Katrin Gunnarsdottir, who disappeared five years earlier after returning home to London from a family visit to her native Iceland. Other chapters follow Napier in the third person, or retrospectively to an earlier time in Napier's life giving some back story to elucidate what has driven this young journalist to take on this convoluted investigation, that the police and private detectives have previously failed to unravel. This is my first Jon Richter novel, and it certainly will not be my last.

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