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Lads Reunited by Max Speed

The Blurb:

'There's not a book like it' 'This is FUNNY. A bus load of laughs' A group of middle-aged men reunite, 20+ years since they were together in their younger days - a laugh-out-loud reunion which takes them on a 24 hour adventure. Lads Reunited: A road trip like no other! Lads Reunited: Hilarious, fun and original. Lads Reunited: A novel every man (and most women) should read to put a smile back on your face. Lads Reunited: There's not a book like it. They may not have seen each other for a long time but Baz King has booked a bus and brought together 'Lads Reunited' for one last day together - a day they've all been looking forward to for years and a day they're not going to forget. "Yes, it's uplifting and one of the funniest books I've ever read but I can't just stock it in our (deleted) store without you going through the proper procedures and that takes ages but I loved it.....and don't name our store in your blurb as we don't allow that." - manager of the left blank famous national book store. So, the only way to pick up one of the funniest books you'll ever read is to click here on amazon......... .......Lads Reunited - an absolute hilarious laugh out loud page turner - There's not a book like it!

A few words about Max Speed from Max Speed:

Good morning....or good evening....or if you're like me and often slanting against a pillow, reading at night, then goodnight. I started writing in late 2019 and only published my first book, 'Lads Reunited' in June 2020. A comedy. Humour genre (or humor if you're from the U S of A) but I like to read just about any kind of fictional genre, or for that matter watch just about any kind of movie. I'm not someone who has always had a love of reading. I've had a love of books for sure: the look, the feel, the way they sit behind you on shelves during online video calls. I've always dipped in to non fiction books but sometimes preferred the quickie of a movie over a long book. But now I'm reading more and more and discovering so many contemporary, classic and indie published books. I always had a dystopian novel tucked away in the recess of my mind but decided to write a funny book aimed men who don't read - this is never going to go down well on Dragons Den - a funny book aimed at men that don't read. Not going to sell that. So I put a beer glass on the front cover to help me out a little. And it's done well. I like to include lots of references to the 70's, 80's and 90's in my books - the music, the tv programmes, the adverts, the films, the fashion, the toys. My books are often fast paced adventures, 24 chapters over 24 hours. With strong characters. Humour for sure but underlying reminders that we only live once so seize the day and make the most of your life. Plus I always place lots of literary hidden 'easter eggs' in my books - references to literature and other authors, adapted opening lines of famous books and lots of 'things' for literary buffs to find that most other people won't notice. Me? Well, I'm a bit like Banksy, the artist as I'm just about unknown. Very few people know who this author is. Someone called me 'Booksy' - just Banksy is a lot more famous to say the least. What people have said about my books: A fun, fast paced read. Characters that everyone can relate to. An hilarious road to make us all feel young again. Board the bus; this is going to get messy. What a ride! This books is a rollercoaster. A story for everyone.....about enjoying life and the finite amount of time we have. As a child of the 80's / 90's, I especially enjoyed all the retro references. Have a lovely day. Max Speed. p.s please note there is no beer included in any of my books

My Review:

I must admit, at the beginning, I was resistant to the humour in this book. I was telling myself that this was just a bit too crazy for my liking, but the salvos of witticisms, one-liners, quips and play on words were relentless, and I soon yielded into this world of insanity within this mind-boggling road trip story. A bunch of 50 somethings who get together for the first time in twenty-seven years for a night out in Coventry to a disco for over 35's. Nice idea for the lads, but oh so badly organised, with getting there, to be there biggest problem, and here lies the adventure. There was hardly a paragraph without laughter, and the characters were colourful to say the least. I loved the format of the chapters which began each time with an updated checklist itinerary for the trip with tick-boxes. I haven't laughed so much since reading my favourite comedy writer Tom Sharpe. I think we need more like this please.

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