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The Curse of the Lonesome Mariner by Mark David Green

The Blurb:

Harry Straight doesn’t want any romantic complications in his life. But when Harry’s good-for-nothing brother entrusts him with an adorable beer drinking dog called Lacey, it’s not long before Harry’s fun-loving crew-mate is doggedly leading him from one inappropriate liaison to the next, with disastrous and amusing consequences…From the writer of: The Travel Auction

About Mark David Green:

Mark David Green is the writer of The Travel Auction series of books. He lives with his wife in Poole, on the UK's south coast. They spend much of their time aboard their small sailing boat, either port-hopping or at anchor, enjoying the freedom of a life less complicated.

My Review:

Having been a follower of author Mark David Green's 'Travel' series, 'The Curse of the Lonesome Mariner' had, up till now, been overlooked. It didn't take me too long from starting to read it that this was going to be one of those books, that I had previously known about but seriously questioned why I have taken so long to get around to reading it. Dogs, boats and dysfunctional family... what is there not to like? Lacey, the dog is the glue that holds the story together, and his thoughts, that are heard by the reader, if not by Harry owner, are written in such an insightful way that the author really understands how a dog's mind works. My dog is a female version of Lacey and tracks every move, facial expression, raised eyebrow, word I say (even if I don't say it and spell it) and also reads my thoughts, which is why I can relate to Lacey's character, in a way only a dog owner would fully understand. Harry Straight, is approaching forty, and is on a mission to reconcile with his father who is in a care home suffering with dementia. He has restored the family boat, Jessica, and intends to sail it from Poole to Falmouth where his father resides. However, due to his brother Keith's brush with the law, Harry has been left with his brother's dog Lacey, two days before he is due to set sail. Lacey is a wilful pooch that runs rings around Harry and sets the tone for much comedy thoughout the narrative. However, his cute adorable puppy-dog eyes easily attracts female attention and made Harry's love-life more interesting. There is poignancy to the plot when serious issues of disfigurement, terminal illness and death are integral to the plot and adds weight to this well-rounded story, that ends in a way I would not have predicted.

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